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CPL Corner by Brett Lubkiwski (A Footy Prime Supporters Club Joint)

The CPL is back!

There are no shortage of storylines heading into this season both on and off the pitch.

What better way to stir up some debate than to give you all of my undeniably rubbish predictions for the 2024 season?

Firstly, apologies to York and Pacific fans, I asked my Magic 8 Ball if they’re making the playoffs and I was told “Outlook not so good.”

Biggest Disappointment – Valour

You’d think there’s nowhere to go but up for the Winnipegers, but I worry Valour haven’t found rock bottom yet (and this team lost to TSS Rovers last year.) Where are the goals going to come from for this squad? Jordan Faria coming off a nice little season with TFC2 could be a standout.

Biggest Surprise – Vancouver FC

Call me biased but the boys are coming home and I love it. Ben Fisk, David Norman Jr, Paris Gee and Zachary Verhoven all playing for their hometown club. Add in a full season of Wero Diaz and yes, I believe the Eagles make the playoffs in year 2.

Carrie Ryan’s Darkhorse – Halifax Wanderers

If I don’t mention HFX, Carrie may boot me out of the Supporters Club. The Maritimers are ones to watch. CPL’s first ever goal scorer Ryan Telfer is on board, Massimo Ferrin will be in the Golden Boot Race and Lorezno Callegari is brilliant to watch with the ball.

CPL Shield – Atlético Ottawa

You heard me. I think it’s a three team battle between Halifax, Calgary and Ottawa. But I say the additions of Aparicio, Didic, Sissoko and a returning Ballou Tabla will bring Olliewood back to 2022 form and a second league title in three years.

North Star Cup – Cavalry

They’re finally going to do it. I was torn between two on this one, but I believe the firepower on this team will be too much to handle. Adding Tobi Warschewski to the highest scoring team last season just seems unfair doesn’t it? With Daan Klomp and Marco Carducci leading at the back, this team has all the pieces in place.

As for Forge, the league will be a struggle but the playoffs are undeniable. That’s when the fun starts for the Hammers. They’ll beat Vancouver at home, then beat Halifax and Ottawa on the road to make it back to the Final, but Bobby Smyrniotis’ quest for another trophy comes up short at Spruce Meadows in a rematch from last year.

I know I’m going to surely be dead wrong, I’d love to hear you tell me why.

If I’ve learned anything about the CPL, it’s to expect the unexpected and to enjoy listening to our Jimmy Brennan when he’s calling the games.



One response to “CPL Corner by Brett Lubkiwski (A Footy Prime Supporters Club Joint)”

  1. CR says:

    Great article, Brett! It’s cute that you think I have that much power, but definitely discount The Wanderers at your peril.




    Can’t wait to read more from you as the season kicks off!!

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