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CPL Corner (matchday 3) by Brett Lubkiwski

“It was a great weekend for Canadian soccer– Jimmy Brennan.

Jimothy did a great job recapping Matchday 3 in the CPL. It was a well-executed set piece as Dubs…well, dubbed it. So, I don’t need to tell you what happened- just listen to Monday’s podcast or watch them on FuboTV!

So what should we talk about on this week’s CPL Corner, friends?

Well, if I recall seeing Friday’s rumour mill, there’s a certain French giant showing some interest in finally bringing a CPL club into Quebec.

QSI, the group that owns Ligue 1 winners and forever Champions League letdowns Paris Saint-Germain, are showing interest in our little domestic league. 

It wouldn’t be the first time a European club looked at the CPL as an option. We have Atlético Ottawa that, up to this point, has been a success.

What would it look like if we do get this PSG/Quebec team in the CPL?  Where would  they be located? I’d put my money on Montreal. Montreal Saint-Germain has a nice ring to it… or even Montreal Saint-Lawrence.

Maybe this will lead to even more European clubs seeing our country and league and think, ‘yeah, I could plant my flag in that.’

Let’s have some fun and get into FIFA Create A Club mode. Here’s four more clubs I would love to see added to the CPL with European ties:

1) Quebec City – I mean this one’s kinda obvious, isn’t it? City Football Group adds Quebec to their already massive list that includes Manchester City and NYCFC. That classic City blue colour would even be reminiscent of the Nordiques! 

2) Red Bull Saskatoon – ‘Red Bull Red Deer’ would have been much funnier, but something needs to give the Saskatoon expansion some ‘wings’ to get it off the ground after Prairieland and Living Sky Sports & Entertainment called off their project for a stadium in the Bridge City. Just please don’t let the kits be green.

3) Aurora FC (Edmonton) – “Aurora Borealis!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?” Let’s bring football back to Edmonton! Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, who own Arsenal, could be a good fit with its ownership of Colorado’s professional sports teams and Alberta’s connection to the Rocky Mountains.

4) Borussia Waterloo OR Windsor – The club already has roots in Waterloo with the BVB academy in League 1 Ontario. So, it’s not really out of the realm of possibility that this could happen. Or perhaps they reach a deal with former CPL commissioner David Clanachan and he finally gets his expansion club in Windsor.

Let me know what city and club you would like to see link up in the CPL. I know we all want to see this league grow to new heights and we want to see more success in new markets.

Got an idea you want to see covered in a future CPL Corner? Reach out to me- I am always looking to chat about this league’s past, present and future.

I can promise you this much, you can rest easy knowing I won’t be doing any damn Power Rankings.



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