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“Nobody puts Jimmy in the corner. Except the CPL Corner. Oh, this is the CPL Corner!”

I can’t wait to hear the finished theme, JC. (note from FP editorial:  Yes JC, so are we!)

I’m looking forward to being embedded with the great Jimmy Brennan every week. Listen to Monday’s show for his insight into this past week’s games from both the CPL and Canadian Championship.


This week brings the first legs of the quarter finals with more Cupset possibilities. I’d love to see more chaos thrown into this event, so come on Saint-Laurent!

Two CPL clubs could become giant killers: Forge faces CF Montreal while Cavalry will attempt to defeat Vancouver Whitecaps (for the second time).

These two CPL clubs have history, don’t they? I could go on all day about the rivalry. It’s only Year 6, but these teams are CPL’s version of the Lakers & Celtics.

It’s been the same two guys in charge the entire time. In the red corner, you’ve Tommy Wheeldon Jr, while in the orange corner it’s Bobby Smyrniotis. The Hair vs The Beard, competing on the touchline since Day 1 and it never disappoints.

But now, they both have their eyes set on a new goal- Head Coach of Canada’s Men’s National Team.

The two most successful managers in CPL league history are among a short list of names to take CANMNT to the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

I love that they are both getting the recognition they deserve. Both brought a winning mentality to their clubs, and winning is the best thing you can put on your CV. They make a convincing argument for the job. Personally, I was looking at Bobby the minute John Herdman left.

We’ve heard the FP crew weigh in on who should lead this team into 2026, and we all have our opinions, but none of us knows a thing until we see the product on the pitch. (Let’s be real- Jimmy, Dubs and Forrest know a little more than the rest of us.)

When it’s all said and done and Canada Soccer announces a coach, I don’t think either gets the gig. I think CS will end up with someone more internationally known; someone who will have the respect of Canada’s higher-profile players right away.

That isn’t to say one or both of these coaches don’t get a chance with Canada. This country desperately needs a solid coaching base at our youth levels. I would love to see these lads get a chance with the U-17’s or U-20’s soon.

But that’s just me and my thoughts and despite the praise I get on Footy Prime, I think my opinion is usually rubbish*.

What do you think, should Bobby or Tommy get a crack at the CANMNT job? Let me know why or why not and who you want to see lead CANMNT into the future.

*Fact Check: Brett’s opinions are not rubbish. -CR




  1. CR says:


    Nice to show the world that the SC is more than just a pretty face…

    (also we have a LOT of pretty faces)

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