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Up Yer Kit!!! (A Footy Prime Supporters Club Joint)

As we await the start of the 2024 Canadian Premier League campaign this weekend, let’s look at the kit launches that dominated our social media feeds (and online shopping carts) over the past few weeks.  Macron raised the bar again, utilizing vibrant colours and unique designs inspired by club and community heritage.  Some kits even pull double duty as a fundraiser for local initiatives.

Each team embraced creativity and individuality in their kit design, showcasing the diversity of the Canadian soccer and cultural landscape.  These kits have meaning.  From the blue nautical-inspired Halifax Wanderers’ primary kit to the Coast Salish design of Pacific FC’s Resilient Kit, to the VFC Cherry Blossom launch that we just cannot stop talking about… there is something for every fan to love from coast to coast.

Regardless of who you support, one thing is certain: CPL Clubs will be looking swish on the pitch.

What are fans saying?

“Macron continues to impress.  Now they can finally move onto figuring out sizing for actual humans and how collars work.” – Jeff Nesker, Waking the Red / Toronto til I Die

“Honestly been a fan of the various Macron CanPL offerings from day 1.  There have been a few misses, but tons and tons of hits, and this season’s kit lineup is fantastic.  CanPL and Macron have no respect for my financial situation at all.” – Rob Notenboom, President – The Voyageurs

As we gear up (pun intended) for the 2024 season, what kit will you be sporting?

You can find Jeff Nesker on X @JeffreyPNesker, or in line at your local Arby’s; Rob Notenboom on X @FrTheBlackHole; and Fernando Contreras on X @feratthesix.



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