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News breakers, Insiders, phony bastards and Footy Prime

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It’s not as if Footy Prime is looked at to break stories.  I mean, we have from time to time;  like that time for instance when Craig (or was it me?) slipped the tidbit that Thierry Henry was perhaps/maybe considering a pitch to become Canada’s new men’s Head Coach?  Yeah, that was a doozy.  Usually however, we have to sit on juicy stories simply because, well, we’re not scumbags.  To be a true insider, you do need to have a certain degree of scum bagedness (it is a real word…  now) about you, at the very least you have to be comfortable slithering around the viper pit that is professional sport, and all the messaging that the (usually) men in expensive suits are willing to drop your way.

It has never been a world that I have been comfortable in.  I have a definite problem being fake, pretending to be best mates with someone on the off chance that they might afford me some deep state intel that might increase my follower count after I drop the bombshell.  On the rare occasion I have “broken” something, it has always come with a good deal of anxiety.

This isn’t an attack on those that happily operate in this unsavoury world, most of them aren’t utter and complete phony bastards, but some certainly are.

Personally, I enjoy finding ways to interpret the breaking news, and certainly on Footy Prime we have a unique platform where we can be as true to ourselves as is possible in the media.  For all our faults,  no one can criticize any lack of authenticity.

That said, some of us at times really know some shit.  Take for example today’s announcement that new Canada Soccer head honcho Kevin Blue will be addressing the media on Monday for the first time.  Dubs had been sitting on that nugget for hours, but rather than blow apart the Canadian soccer world and “break” the story, she kept quiet, content in the satisfaction that she held the nuclear code.  

Ok, but seriously, if you operate with the repute of a Dubs, or a Craig or a Jimmy – legends of the game in Canada – you are always going to have some “good info” that would make for a great story.  Does Dubs know some Project8 gems?  Of course she does.  Does Jimmy have some CPL dark secrets?  Damn right (they probably involve him.) And as for Craig? There’s not a high ranking soccer official in this country that can’t be seduced into telling all by the nicotine kissed tones of the big man.

What might surprise you, is that while Wonger could bury the careers of dozens of leading politicians, with his many disgusting experiences in Ottawa, it is actually JC who operates best in the seedy underbelly of the Canadian soccer rumour mill.  Woj has nothing on JC, he just chooses to keep it to himself… and Biggie.

If anything, we are happy to start unfounded rumours based on nothing.  That is the world Footy Prime is most at ease in.



2 responses to “News breakers, Insiders, phony bastards and Footy Prime”

  1. Hi! It’s me, Carrie Ryan says:

    Personally, I love not knowing what you know. And I know some things that you lot know that nobody else can know. You know?

    It’s the authenticity- be yourselves, and sometimes that means being trustworthy and putting it in the vault, regardless of the flood of peppermint schnapps or lemon mules we throw your way.

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