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Another new beginning… which is ok

Over and over I have been asked the question: “Is it the biggest match in Canadian men’s soccer history?” To be completely honest, I don’t know.  I do know that these days the narratives sport conjures up usually swirl around the “Greatest,” “Best of all time,” “Yesteryear was crap and only today is legit.”  As such it’s difficult to get a real gauge on how big Canada vs Argentina II is for the men’s National Team.

I have enormous respect for the team that qualified for the World Cup in 1986, the side that infuriated CONCACAF by winning the Gold Cup in 2000, and the one that recently made it back to the big show, and in the process became “Kings of CONCACAF.”  Were the defining matches in those journey’s as big? Bigger? Smaller?  Does it even matter?  I don’t think so.

The hope is, matches like tonight in New Jersey become common place, that we eventually lose the condescension spewing from the Canadian sports machine.  Let’s get to the point that we are no longer emerging, but to the point that we have emerged.  Argentina again?  Sure, why not?

I want us to get to the point that mainstream media blast their socials with smiling pictures of Ismael Kone or Jacob Shaffelburg surprising a Stanley Cup champion in the dressing room after the Cup is hoisted.  Thanks Sid btw, that was cool, respect!

It is on its way. I no longer have to Google the “Maritime Messi’s” name to make sure I have the spelling right, when a news outlet requests five minutes of my time to chat some footy I am not stunned.

Let’s not be naive though, it is still a build, there are still hurdles to conquer before we can truly be considered a Soccer Nation.  Will the major Networks forget that the sport exists for a the next year or so following Copa?  Possibly.  Let’s keep the pressure on, let’s all play our part.  The face of Canadian soccer is changing, led by this group of men, and of course the old reliable; the Women’s National team, soon to be defending Gold in Paris.  But that is not all, Canadian soccer is building  an identity away from the pitch; new, passionate voices, keeping the likes of Footy Prime on our toes.

The positivity has returned to the sport, following a desperate lull after the heights of the 2022 World Cup.  Keep on pushing, all of us.  Tonight is the beginning… again.



One response to “Another new beginning… which is ok”

  1. CR says:

    I agree- it doesn’t matter. It’s all a step forward, so let’s welcome those who are finding a love for the beautiful game, answer questions and share our knowledge on footy.

    I’ll also continue to condescend to / school those who consider themselves experts and forget about the 2000 Gold Cup slaughter, and tournament MVP…

    But mostly teach, welcome, support and cheer at the top of my lungs.

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