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Welcome all to

Welcome all to

Thanks for joining us here at the Footy Prime digital hub.

We are excited to share this space with all of the Primers, both new and old.

Footy Prime The Podcast was built to give the footy community, both domestically and internationally, a home for banter, genuine conversation and authentic voices. 

The FP Crew often speak of what they miss the most of their playing days and broadcast experiences; and that’s the camaraderie, easy laughter and unconditional support, both in the locker room and the studio.

And that’s what we think that we have delivered in Footy Prime.  It may not be a complete replacement but we bullishly and buoyantly believe we have come close.

Our Footy Prime Supporters Club (as part of their Twitter/X bio) could not have said it better:

Our Brand – humour, sarcasm and general shithousery.”

We like that.

If you are a follower of Footy Prime The Podcast, you probably know the culture that we have aspired to create.  An inclusive space for everyone who loves the beautiful game with a little bit of sauciness and vinegar, too.  

We do like to tell it like it is but we usually do so diplomatically.  Usually.

The website is sure to morph through some iterations, so please be patient as we continue to build and enhance content with the right mix of footy news, comedy and culture.  And please be sure drop us a line and sign up to our newsletter, which will be coming soon.


Yours Truly,


The Footy Prime Crew



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