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FP Presents: MLS Box2Box Wk 15

Former MLS’er and current agent Duncan Oughton joins the pod to talk about the evolution of the League, how Colombus has grown into what it has become ahead of this weekend’s Champions Cup final, and

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Footy Prime Ep. 617

It is already a maniacal Managerial merrygoround this off season, but most importantly, what options does Pep Guardiola’s tea lady have moving forward? Meanwhile Jimmy impresses with his world political knowledge, and Dubs is a

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FP Presents: #TFC 3 Questions – Week 15

Jimmy Brennan pilots the Footy Prime ship along with TFC Republic’s John Molinaro. This week’s Qs: After this performance against Cincinnati, are we confident TFC can be a contender? With players coming back will they

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Knee-Jerk Reax

The news cycle is constantly changing, and at Footy Prime we like to react quickly, and with very little thought.