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CPL Corner (“There’s still time, hey Jimmy?”) by Brett Lubkiwski

I need to start off this week’s CPL Corner by just sharing a delightful text message I received on Sunday night:

You’ll get more than three words this week, but the message is still loud and clear, “Halifax kicked ass.”

And boy what an ass-kicking it was on Sunday in Langley. Coming into this last weekend, Wanderers had only 8 goals in 9 matches but went on a tear, putting four past VFC keeper Callum Irving on the road, including two goals while down a man after Andre Rampersad was sent off with a straight red.

Your favourite and mine, Carrie Ryan, was in attendance and she got to witness her club finally get its first victory of the season in a performance that was beyond dominating. This was the Halifax side that I had slated to finish in the top half of the table in my preseason predictions.

The Wanderers earned their second clean sheet of the season and a Club scoring record in front of 15 supporters- a small but mighty group that put the “Aways” in “Together From Aways”. 

Halifax also proved that Vancouver is not comfortable playing in a back three, but that is a discussion for another time.

Sunday was the Daniel Nimick show. The Wanderers captain is an absolute beast. He is almost undeniable off set pieces and calming presence at the back. Nimick and Telfer each scored a brace, and were two of four Wanderers on the CPL Team of the Week alongside Lorenzo Callegari and Yann Fillion.

I know it’s just their first win of the season and we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here, but Halifax are actually unbeaten in four straight. They haven’t lost a match in more than a month if you can believe it! 

The biggest question with this team going forward will remain in their ability to hold onto a lead. They may have points in four straight, but they should have at least three wins compared to just one right now.

When Rampersad was shown that red off the high boot, I’m sure Wanderers fans had to feel like it was Groundhog Day and the comeback would surely be on for VFC. But instead, they kept their foot on the gas and added to their lead.

It’s a good sign for Halifax going forward, next up for them is a test at home against a Cavalry team that has drawn 8 out of 11 matches this season. (did they learn nothing from my quarter-season review?).  Suspensions and injuries will put a different lineup on the (beautiful grass) pitch at Wanderers Grounds on Canada Day in front of a full house hungry for another three points. 

It’s a long road ahead for the Wanderers, but if they are able to consistently play a full 90 minutes going forward, the playoffs are possible. There is still more than half a season left to go and Halifax will hope to ride this new found momentum and get back to being the club we know they are.

I think we have time now for some CPL Corner, hey Jimmy?



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