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CPL Corner-Matchday 6 by Brett Lubkiwski

Matchday 6 has come and gone in the Canadian Premier League and what happened to home field advantage!? 3 losses and 1 draw in front of home fans this weekend is quite the shift in what had been a common thread through the first five weeks.

We didn’t get our weekly CPL Corner on the pod earlier this week, Jimmy Brennan was busy being immortalized on TFC’s Legends Row! I think I can speak for everyone in the FP Supporters Club when I say just how proud we are of Jimmy and it is well-deserved and long overdue. Congrats Jimbo!

So, what happened last weekend? 

Atletico made the trip out to Vancouver Island for a date with Pacific. Tell me if you’ve heard this so far this year: ‘Ruben del Campo scores.’ His fourth goal of the season is the first ball to get into the Pacific net this season as Ottawa continues to be a well-oiled machine on top of the table.


Forge played host to a Vancouver FC side who hadn’t won a match in a month and the Eagles did something they only did three times last year; pick up a win away from home. Plus, we got an Olimpico Alert! Forest said it best on the broadcast, what is with Tim Hortons field and balls going straight into the net from corners!?

York and Cavalry put on one helluva show in Calgary, sharing the spoils with a 2-2 draw in one of the best games so far in this young season. Cavalry dominated the opening 45, but looked uncharacteristically sloppy on defense and York made them pay with two goals in six minutes. Brian Wright keeps up with del Campo in the Golden Boot standings.

In Atlantic Canada, the sun may have finally come out for visiting Valour. The Winnipegers finally got one! They grabbed all three points with a shocking 2-1 result against the Wanderers in the battle of basement dwellers. It’s a long process for Valour but this will put some confidence into a club that has been desperate for something to feel good about.

Finally, let’s see how things are going in Halifax:


Another great week of football in the CPL. It’s only been six weeks, but what has been the biggest storyline you’ve been following so far this season, what do you want me to talk about on next week’s CPL Corner? 

As usual, I think my opinions are usually rubbish and I can’t believe any of you read this, but I appreciate everyone who does and Footy Prime for giving me a place to do it.



One response to “CPL Corner-Matchday 6 by Brett Lubkiwski”

  1. CR says:

    Personally, Brett, I’d like you to talk about Halifax’s roaring comeback and record win next week, and then later reflect on how Matchday 7 was the turning point that led the Wanderers to climb the table….


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