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All Paths Lead to Rome…or Footy Prime

Amy Walsh Pussyfoot

Footy: informal; football, soccer.

 Prime: (adjective) of first importance; main. Of best possible quality

(noun) state or time of greatest strength or success in a person’s life.

“you’re in the prime of life”

The last phrase really makes me laugh because I don’t think anyone in the Footy Prime crew EVER thought that podcasting would define or be a significant part of our lives-especially the former pros.

To that end, I remember being at BMO field at the end of August last year, taking in a CF Montreal game vs TFC at the conclusion of my time covering the Women’s World Cup. For better or for worse, my face had been all over TSN for about a month and as I made my way down to the concourse to get a beer, a few people stopped to say hello.

Somewhat jarringly, they addressed me not as Amy Walsh, former national team player, or even Amy Walsh, football pundit. No, they referred to me as Amy Walsh, The Podcaster. Huh. This was going to take a bit of getting used to.

The other ridiculous aspect of that ‘prime’ connotation is as a former player, my athletic prime has long since passed and that defined me for a very long time. In fact, it was what contributed to crippling imposter syndrome as I tried to find my footing and navigated life post career.

After intense training throughout my pregnancy in 2009 thinking I would return to the national team and club football, I was gently pushed into retirement. I threw myself into the rigorous physical demands of yoga teacher training, taught yoga as a new mum and then zeroed in on showing athletes the benefits of the practice because it had been so valuable to me in the twilight of my career.

I taught well into my second pregnancy with twins and then when they were little, started a small vegan catering business out of my kitchen. (As one does. You know, with all the spare time one has with a 6-year-old and twin toddlers running around.)

In 2021, our local Montreal sports radio station asked if I’d be interested in covering women’s soccer at the Tokyo Olympics and I almost declined. Soccer was neatly compartmentalized in my past as a player, and I had no business being involved as a pundit, right? (Imposter Syndrome, you fucking numpty.)

Thank goodness I said yes because that pivotal decision reignited my passion, allowed me to be intimately involved with the game I love and led me down a path towards discovering Footy Prime.

So, as a 46-year-old podcaster (shudder) and someone who wears a variety of other hats that are my gateway to the beautiful game, I’m slowly coming to the realization that THIS is my fucking prime-and I’m loving every single minute of it.





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